Testing Calibration Services Ltd offers facilities for repair and service of testing machines from a wide range of different manufacturers. 
Although we are able to carry out repairs on most major manufacturer's equipment, we have a unique and close working relationship with the Testometric Co Ltd, here in Rochdale. 
Testometric supply us with full technical backup and fast spares. Consequently, we are able to supply a comprehensive maintenance and support service for their machines in the field with the advantage of UKAS certification of their equipment through our calibration facilities. 
Our detailed knowledge of the Testometric range of machines has helped us to incorporate planned-preventative maintenance into our service work.


Our aim is to provide an efficient service/repair facility at competitive prices. 
A large proportion of our customers have been with us for many years. This has allowed us to build a close relationship and gain an insight into their business needs. In turn, this has enabled us to fine-tune the service we offer our customers.

Some customers have a simple service/calibration visit - usually on an annual basis.
Some customers prefer more comprehensive planned-preventative maintenance cover and have a service/calibration visit plus a mid-year service visit.
Other customers are on a service contract which as well as one of the options above includes a free call-out in the event of equipment failure.

To all our customers, we aim to provide a friendly, personal service to allow the smooth operation of their materials testing facilities.